Dear Sir or Madam , We are pleased that you have decided to visit our facility in Iran to treat your illness. We hope that it makes you fully satisfied.
Please read this article carefully before traveling to Iran on this subject.
Our facilities at this center:
At our center, all necessary facilities for the examination, diagnosis and treatment of all eye diseases is available, including ( retinal surgery , vitrectomy , injection of Avastin , corneal transplant , Intraocular lenses for various diseases such as myopia and far- sightedness, LASIK surgery, LASEK ,FEMTOLASIK, PRK, Intracorneal ring for keratoconus disease , cataracts , glaucoma , strabismus , nasolacrimal duct obstruction , artificial eye implants, a new method for treating presbyopia (Kamra inlay).
How to travel to Iran:
Before coming to Iran please send us necessary data via Email: mohammadinaseh@gmail.com several days before arrival , along with the patient ‘s name and phone number to let us know . You may also contact us by filling out the form below .
Name of Patient:
Country of Residence:
Mobile Number:
Date of arrival:
After arriving to Iran our staff will contact you and give you tips . If you require accommodation booking they will help you find a place to stay at affordable prices.

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